Go Green Computer Tips

This May Help Your TechnoStress!

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Some Go Green Computer Tips – Ways To Go Green With Computers

This site is about Web Tech Power Tools…great technical products and services. But there’s also the other tools you may not think of regarding computers. For example, there’s tools to Go Green with your computer. Going Green and Natural is not just for your appliances, cleaners, health products, etc… There’s some simple ways to Go Green with your computer too. Here’s some great options for Go Green Computer Tips:

  • Shut it down whe not in use. What better way to save on your electric bill and conserve energy.
  • Turn off any device like printer or scanner that you are not using…still another way to save on your electric bill and conserve energy.
  • Print only what you need. When printing a document select only pages you need to print as opposed to the whole document. And there’s even some cool tools like the Firefox extension called Aardvark that removes items on pages that you don’t need on the printed so that you are not wasting paper and toner. Another tool that can help is GreenPrint.Use power management options when your PC is on. You can find those in your PC Windows Control Panel.
  • Purchase an ENERGY STAR rated computer.
  • Upgrade your computer to make it run more efficiently. If your computer is not running efficiently it will use more power.
  • Get a laptop computer as these use less electricity. They are smaller but still can be quite powerful these days.
  • Adjust the brightness setting.
  • Use an energy-saving mode like standby.
  • Turn off your screen saver and turn your monitor off when not in use instead. Screen Savers are cool to look at but can be quite complex these days and thus use up a lot of system resources
Go Green Computer Tips

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Go Green Computer Solutions – 12 Green Computer Products

So anything you can do regarding Go Green Computer Solutions and green computer products will help our Earth! Here’s 12 eco-friendly computer-related products below. Best of all these are available on Amazon. And they have great reviews. Just click to read the reviews and get more info:

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