UPDATED Godaddy Review: Once Had Great Low Cost Hosting and Domains!

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UPDATED Godaddy Review 07/15/17:

Below is my original Godaddy review. At one time for years they were great. However, sometimes companies start off great and change over time in a negative way. Godaddy is one of those companies.

Regarding my updated Godaddy Review the first thing they took away was email support tickets. For many problems, email support tickets are the quickest way to resolve issues. A good example is a continuing bad connection reset error I kept getting for my Godaddy sites. As it would have been difficult to explain the issues and show screens via phone my only option was chat support. I waited about 1 hour before I was able to finally connect with a support person via chat And the whole chat took a while too.

The tech person had me do a tracert command for this issue. This was good advice as it showed where the connection problem was happening. They told me I needed to contact my ISP. And that took a long time. In the end they said the problem was on Godaddy’s end.

So contacted Godaddy again and they said the problem is not on their end. So for a while I just put up with the issue and it was bad.

Then read that Google will soon force all sites to have SSL and even now non-ecommerce sites that have SSL tend to get better positions in the Google searches. So I found a low cost way to get SSL for all my sites and checked with Godaddy to see what was possible. They said my low cost plan was not an option with them. However they said I could have SSL for all my sites for well over $1400!!

So with the bad support, no affordable SSL, and the ongoing connection reset errors I decided to switch to a new host provider. Not only was the cost per year for hosting significantly less but I now have an option for free SSL. And the SSL is easy to set up right in the control panel. I’d get great support including email support tickets and much more.

As I moved each site to the new host provider, the connection reset errors disappeared for each. And when the sites were on the new server, the tracert command showed no more bad connection issues. So these issues did have something to do with Godaddy after all.

Overall regarding Godaddy and the new host provider…the difference is Night and Day!! I’m very happy with my choice for new host provider! One more issue with Godaddy is their price for domain renewals is higher than other companies. However they do have a special plan for multiple domains but it does not work well for all customers like me… Below is who I recommend now. I recommend SiteGround who exceeded my expectations! Click on the graphic to find out more:

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Original Review from 2 years ago: Before Godaddy, I was an Aplus customer for years. Their service was fine but expensive so started using Godaddy for Hosting and Domain Names. As I had multiple sites I was looking for low cost hosting solution and certainly found it with Godaddy as they had a plan where one gets unlimited hosting of domains for only $7.95/mo.

I’ve been using them for over a decade now and don’t remember much in terms of down time at all if any. They are generally up and running..no issues. In terms of support, they used to have support via email which was great but stopped the email support. However, they do have 24/7 support via phone and chat 5 a.m. to midnight MST.

They also provide many helpful support articles online to browse through where you’ll probably find your answers. So for this Godaddy Review…Godaddy gets 2 thumbs up!

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