How To Buy A Green Computer – 2 Options for Eco-Friendly Green Computers & Devices

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Some Options For Eco-Friendly Green Computers

Are There Options For Green Eco-Friendly Computers?

I thought about buying a new computer recently. And I wondered about options for eco-friendly green computers and other green devices. I thought there would be a lot of new green eco-friendly computer options. However this is not the case.

Buying a new computer or other device seems logical. One assumes new parts that are more energy-efficient. But is this true? Well maybe or maybe not. This seems to be a bit complex.

Some computer manufacturers claim they are going green. A good example is Dell. Dell uses recycled plastic in their computer manufacturing. This certainly is encouraging. Dell also makes phones that last longer and are upgradable.

HP also does this. Apple does not. However, Apple’s data centers are powered by renewable energy. So that’s positive too.

Other ideas for green eco-friendly computers range from solar laptops to paper laptops. But are these easy to find to purchase…not really. However, using solar power is a great idea. But where is the best place to buy green eco-friendly computers and devices?

How To Buy A Green Computer – 2 Options for Eco-Friendly Computers

Buy Green Devices - Refurbished Tablets & Phones May Be The Low Cost And Best Choice

Refurbished Green Eco-Friendly Computers May Be The Low Cost And Best Choice For Now

Perhaps the best option for now is going the green refurbished computers and devices route. By going in this direction you save money. And going green with refurbished computers and other electronics is also smart. You are going green as you are buying a computer and devices that already exist.

This is the Green Refurbished Computers route I think makes sense. But where does one find green refurbished computers and devices? Here’s the first great option below for refurbished devices like phones and tablets. And some iPhones are on sale:

And here are some possibilities for Eco-Friendly Computers on Amazon. These include some refurbished environmentally friendly computers. And it also includes other green electronics plus solar power options too:

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