Low Cost Marketing Tools Including Some With Free Traffic

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Low Cost Marketing Tools Do Exist

There Are Great Free Traffic Tools Too That Can Help Too…

Are you paying too much for Google Ads? Frustrated? Want a Google Ad alternative? Want free traffic? There are Low Cost Marketing Tools out there. I was once in your shoes. I used to spend a fortune on Google Ads and the like. But I accidentally came across some real Low Cost Marketing Tools and free traffic options. So Low Cost Marketing Tools do exist. Some are even green like Green Hosting. Below are the Best Low Cost Web Marketing Tools I tried that helped me…:

Low Cost Marketing Options Including Some With Free Traffic

eCommerce Affiliate Stores

Below are 2 great options for eCommerce Affiliate Stores:

A Powerful Easy To Use eCommerce Affiliate Store

This New eCommerce Affiliate Store Creator Offers A Lot!

StreamStore offers a lot of powerful features. However a newcomer offers power and is easy to use too. Ezy MultiStores lets you create easy eCommerce Affiliate Stores. You simply add your affiliate IDs for Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Bestbuy and Aliexpress. Now you are ready to add products from these affiliate programs. Click here to learn more.

Ezy MultiStores - green store example

This Amazon Store Builder Creates Amazon Stores

Stream Store Cloud Lets One Build Many Amazon Affiliate Stores

This new Amazon Affiliate Store Builder is powerful and easy to use. I built 7 Amazon Affiliate Stores and it did not take long to build them at all. You simply select the key word to use, add your Amazon affiliate ID, add some graphics and you have a store. Below are links to some I built:

In terms of support StreamStore Support is very helpful. They always answered all my questions very quickly. Click below to find out more:

StreamStoreCloud – I got the pro version

StreamStore has 3 other options:

StreamStores Low Cost Powerful Amazon Store Builder

Backlinks, Content Generating Plugins, Quick Tools For Commissions and More

Below are mpre great options for Backlinks, Content Generating Plugins, Quick Tools For Commissions and More:

CB TrafficBots Is Easy To Use

CB TrafficBots Includes Some CB Products To Promote

We all want tools that are quick and easy to use. CB TrafficBots does just that. The tool opens with a dashboard that is easy to understand.

The first step is to enter your ClickBank ID. The second step…. Click here to learn more.

CB TrafficBots - A Quick Way To Promote Products To Earn ClickBank Commissions

Traffic Guard Turns 404 Error Pages Into Profit

Turn 404 Error Pages Into Pages With Traffic Guard’s Ready Made High Converting Offers

Traffic Guard turns 404 Error Pages into money. Pages with broken links become good 404 Error Pages. Most sites have broken or bad links. And it’s not always your fault. Search engines make many of these errors too.

Visitors will see these dreaded broken link pages. They will leave and never come back. It’s too bad people will always try accessing and just leave. However you can change this now. Traffic Guard transforms these 404 error pages into sales!… Click here to learn more.

Make Money With Dead Links! Changing To Good 404 Error Pages For Profit

The Best Google My Business Training

Google My Business 3.0 Training Guide That Covers It All!

Google My Business is quite popular these days. It helps one promote their web site and products locally. But you need to be sure it’s set up correctly. Fortunately the Google My Business 3.0 Training Guide can help!

This Google My Business Training teaches you how to complete your Google My Business listing correctly…
Click here or below to learn more about this Google My Business Training.

Google My Business Training

Adjust A Few Settings To Make ClickBank Commissions

How To Get ClickBank Commissions Commissions by Changing a Few Settings

Do you want to make ClickBank Commissions with a few settings? Click and Bank may be the answer. During setup you simply pick a niche and template. And by doing so Click and Bank adds some appropriate posts and reviews for your site…Click here to learn more.


Adjust Settings and Forget and Earn

How To Get Commissions The Easy Way by Changing a Few Settings

Set and Forget and Get Commissions The Easy Way. As the name suggests the Set & Forget tool does just that. It’s that easy!

The first step is to choose a new campaign like in the screen below. For my first one I chose the diabetes one. No matter which you choose you adjust the settings… Click here to learn more.


Looking for a Great YouTube BackLinks Builder?

Easy To Use RankZPresso Offers This and Much More

Some YouTube BackLinks Builders have a learning curve. Or you need to deal with a lot of settings. But not RankZPresso. And while it is a great YouTube BackLinks Builder it offers much more. Writing your own YouTube Title, Description & Keywords for videos can be time-consuming… Click here to learn more.

RankZPresso - Best YouTube BackLinks Builder Plus More

This Content Generating Plugin Can Help!

A great tool under the Content Generating Plugins category is ContentPress. This Content Generating Plugin is easy to use and offer niche-related results. I chose Health and Fitness as category. The screen shot shows selecting a category and some keywords. I picked several for MyBestCBDOil.com. The keyword to search is CBD. Then one saves the results that have a check mark. You can see the results and decide when to post in Import Result section. The plugin also creates articles and PDFs which can be eBooks. Click here to find out where you can get this plugin and find out more.

ContentPress results

Sell Leading Products For Low Cost

Brand Marketer Offers Top Brands Like Apple, Prada, Sony, Samsung, Disney…

Do you want a quick easy site that lets you sell the top products from the world’s leading brands? Brand Marketer is the answer! With Brand Marketer you simply pick from 20 brands. These include Apple, Prada, Sony, Samsung, Disney, Nike, Colgate, Puma and more.

I chose Samsung and my store is pictured in the screen shot. I added in my 3 Amazon, eBay and AliExpress IDs to receive commissions. And that’s pretty much it. Everything is automatically set up for you. It even included a blog with automatic posts on a continuous basis. The admin is very straightforward and simple. Click here to find out where you can get Brand Marketer and find out more.

Brand Markete Samsung site

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