New to WordPress? Take This Great WordPress Beginner Course Plus More Tips…

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Easy WordPress tutorial videos for beginners.

Are You a WordPress Beginner or Novice?

The Best WordPress Beginner Course & More Help

We all have to start somewhere with learning any topic. But let’s face it…learning about WordPress can be overwhelming, confusing and even scary for a WordPress Beginner. Fortunately one can take a great WordPress Beginner Course. I learned a lot from this course and there’s a deal that includes other great courses as well.

Plugins, Themes and Services

There’s so many plugins, themes, courses and other options. Which ones are the best? And which should be avoided altogether? Well that’s what this site is for. We have taken the guesswork out of WordPress and Web-related Tools and Services.

Course and Tools

We found the best plugins, themes, courses and other tools that will help with WordPress and Web Design and Development in general and will share these with you! In the beginning, we have actually learned the hard ward way with some of these tools.

Learning From Mistakes

There’s the WordPress theme from hell we’d like to forget. There was only bad tech support and finally just had to give up on the theme. Or the time someone suggested a script for SEO that was very difficult to set up when there was a much better solution and much easier to implement.

Some tools and services are great while others just don’t cut it. There’s nothing wrong with learning from mistakes but we try to help you avoid this. So we suggest what we think are the best tools and services for WP and more to save you time and frustration. We also offer our reviews of these products and services and adding more over time. So be sure to check back often.

WordPress Beginner

Customizable WordPress Themes

Find out about some great WP Themes. These are for WordPress Novices and everyone else. These WP Themes are Customizable WordPress Themes. You simply change settings in a Theme Options Panel like in screen above. This means less updating of code.

The Right Host Provider Can Help WP Beginners Too

SiteGround makes everything easy for WP Novices. I found them very helpful. And they were helpful with everything from site setup to SSL. Click below to find out more. You can also read our review.

Web Hosting

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