NIMVA Review: A Surplus of WordPress Admin Panel Theme Options

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An Update

It’s now May 2019 and I’ve been using NIMVA for many of my sites and client sites since January 2015. I’ve tried a few other WP Themes for some sites. But I have never found a better theme than NIMVA. In some cases I changed to NIMVA for the sites I used another theme. So NIMVA is #1 in my book!

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NIMVA Review – #1 In My Book!

Very Powerful Theme With A Great Control Panel – Makes WordPress CSS Customizations and More VERY EASY!!

Here’s our NIMVA Review – A Surplus of WordPress Options Panel Theme Options. One of the most frustrating things about WordPress is all the CSS customizations and other types of updates to content and other items where one has to usually venture into the code with the WordPress Editor. Sometimes it can take a long time to find the setting to change. And sometimes you can’t find it anywhere and thus frustration. Sure there’s plugins that help with CSS. But there’s always settings that are harder to change with these. And NIMVA puts an end to most of that frustration!

It is a very versatile theme. Just about all settings that one could want to update and customize a theme are right in the options panel. With so many options at your finger tips it could very well be the only theme you’d ever need.

Installation of NIMVA is painless. There’s even some easy-to-follow videos that are very helpful with the installation process. Once the theme is installed you can import the demo data. This helps make setup even easier.

After the installation one thing you will notice is Theme Options in the Control Panel on the right and if you select this you will see the big difference with NIMVA. There’s A LOT of options instead of the standard few that most themes offer. The first group as you can see are the typical select a logo and tagline as below.

But click on the General Settings and even with that you begin to see the difference this theme offers.

There’s settings for just about everything. That is the difference. There’s no hunting in code for most items that one would typically update. The appearance of the top bar, header, social media, footer, typography, color scheme and more…it’s all there. You have complete control of menu options. You can even add a megamenu!

The Background options let you set up the site as wide or boxed as well as make it easy to select colors and background images or add a parallax effect. You can also add a video background with an overlay image.

There’s also controls for blog, portfolio, WooCommerce and even backup.

Just the control panel options makes it a must-have theme but there’s more. Not only does it come with the well-known LayerSlider WordPress plugin but each page you set up offers options that other themes just don’t include. Looking at a site page…there’s some difference there too. The first thing one may notice is Visual Composer is there as an option to using the Classic Mode. The theme includes a built-in version of the Visual Composer plugin to easily add content of all types including text, images, galleries, widgets, portfolios, and much more. If you are in the Classic Mode Editor you can see the options for Frontend Editor and Backend Editor.

The Backend Editor is the typical Visual Composer look and feel. NIMVA has the Frontend Editor which is more WYSIWYG and opens the site page in another window where you can edit each part by selecting it.

The other difference with editing pages is the options found below the content area for the page. There’s options to easily apply settings to specific pages only like below:

I couldn’t find many problems with NIMVA beyond some minor hiccups like odd bullet behavior that seemed to resolve itself and odd breaking paragraph issues that likewise vanished over time. This theme is super and offers so much. I highly recommend it. For more info please click here or on the button below to find out more.

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