Online Video Course: WordPress 101 Review

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Easy WordPress tutorial videos for beginners.

WordPress 101 Review

Regarding our WordPress 101 Review the WordPress 101 Video Tutorial Series Library consists of 28 very easy to understand videos. Topics include:

  • What is WordPress
  • How to Install WordPress
  • The Dashboard
  • Post vs. Pages
  • The Editor
  • plus many more topics including how to add posts, pages, images, videos, tags and categories, links, widgets, plugins, custom menus and much more

It’s easy for beginners to follow and it also serves as a handy reference to refer back to from time to time. There’s 3 plans available…30 days access at $19/mo., 1 yrs access at $39/yr., and a lifetime membership for only $79. For all plans you also have access to the WordPress SEO Plugin series too so that’s a total of 41 videos in all! And more videos are in the works and the lifetime plan includes all of these.

So no matter which plan…you can learn WordPress quickly and proceed at your own pace. When I started the courses I had not much experience at all with WorPress and was trying to tackle my first WordPress site on my own and getting quite frustrated. But I decided to start from scratch and follow the videos this time and was amazed at how much I learned and how easy WordPress setup can be.

Now I prefer WordPress sites over HTML5/CSS3 and I’m in the process of converting my older sites to WordPress thanks to these videos. In terms of support..there’s a forum but support has always responded to my questions via email as well and generally very quickly.

So for this WordPress 101 Review regarding the high quality instructional videos, plans, and support, I highly recommend WordPress 101 Video Tutorial Series. For more info please click on the graphic on the left and you can even view some free sample videos to see the quality of the courses firsthand!

Regarding my WordPress 101 Review, I did take this course several years back. Now my account includes more courses to take. Apparently these were added after I signed up. Here’s the additions:

my WP 101 courses

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