SiteGround Review – SiteGround Exceeded My Expectations For Hosting!

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SiteGround Review 2020 Update

This is an update to SiteGround Review 2019 Update. SiteGround used to have great email support tickets. Email support saves a lot of time for all. However, in 2020 SiteGround changed this. They only offer chat and phone which can be time consuming. It’s a shame when companies do this! But I still think they are great and worth checking out. So just click below to find out about them:

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An Update: SiteGround Review

It’s June 2019. And here’s an update to my earlier SiteGround Review from over 2 years ago below. For SiteGround Review 2019 SiteGround continues to exceed my expectations. They always go the extra mile in terms of support and overall service.

So great service continues for this SiteGround Review 2019. For what I pay I feel I get a lot! Click above to find out more about SiteGround and what it offers.

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SiteGround Review – The Difference is Really Night and Day Regarding Changing Host Providers!!

Well if you read my UPDATED Godaddy Review…you will see I was in the darkness with Godaddy. What started of as great soon got worse and worse with GoDaddy. I needed a change and get back into the light. SiteGround brought me back into the light as I switched my host provider from GoDaddy to SiteGround.

My Goals Regarding Hosting

For this SiteGround Review I had goals for hosting. My goals included getting:

  • free SSL
  • good support including email support tickets
  • faster loading of my web sites
  • affordable hosting

SiteGround gave me all that and even more.

The Hurdles Dealt With

The first hurdle was to move my many web sites from GoDaddy to SiteGround including dealing with

SiteGround tech support was extremely helpful with the moves. They even helped with some WordPress database issues, DNS updates and some other odd issues I ran into.

Free SSL

After the move I noticed that my continuing bad connection reset errors I kept getting with Godaddy for my web sites were now gone. Also now non-ecommerce sites that have SSL tend to get better positions in the Google searches. So I wanted to get free SSL. With SiteGround I now have the capability to get free SSL. And it’s in the control panel to make this as easy as possible when the time comes.

The Difference is Night and Day

Their hosting cost less than Godaddy’s comparable plan so I save money too! Overall regarding Godaddy and the new host provider…the difference is Night and Day!! I’m very happy with my choice for new host provider! Click on the banner graphic below to see how SiteGround can help you:

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