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It’s hard to find the best technical books for your professional needs. We offer technical book reviews to take the guesswork out of buying books of interest to Web Designers/Developers, Programmers, Multimedia Developers, Technical Writers/Editors, Internet Marketing/Promotion and Social Media Professionals. We recommend technical books on many topics including

  • web design
  • graphic design
  • multimedia,
  • programming
  • Scripting
  • Internet Advertising and Marketing
  • CSS, CSS3
  • WordPress
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • and more

Below are some great books that we recommend highly. These books offer a wealth of information as well as serve as valuable reference books for topics. Here are the reviews:

Book Review #2: December 2014

Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 (Community Experience Distilled) Having some older web sites that I felt needed to be changed to be a responsive design to reflect today’s standards I was in search of a good book that could help me accomplish this task, be easy to understand, and give me a good background of responsive design in general. This book certainly did just that and included web site examples to help understand the topic at hand. The book covers responsive design and the many mobile devices around today as well as what to do if more viewers do have older browsers and a responsive design may not be the best solution. You’ll learn about mdeia queries, fluid layouts, CSS3 in detail (including transitions, animations…), HTML5 forms, cross-browser issues and much more. It’s a great book if you want to also learn more about HTML5 and CSS3 features specifically and how to add them to a web site. So I highly recommend this book as an valuable introduction to responsive design as well as a handy reference for future use.

Book Review #1: November 2014

HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites This book is an excellent reference book for HTML and CSS. The author uses many informative graphics to communicate how to apply the code to your projects with easy-to-follow steps. If you are a beginner you will feel very comfortable using this book. Season pros will find it to be a great reference for HTML and CSS to refresh one’s memory on the topic. The author not only includes the code for items but the end result as well. Each element whether it be forms, tables, graphics, text or links is explained in a straightforward manner and easy to apply to your work. The book index is well organized and looking up a specific CSS property or HTML element a snap. The book is packed with useful information you will keep as a handy reference guide to HTML and CSS. Many books on this topic can overwhelm the reader but this one is clear and very easy for anyone to understand. So no matter if you are just a beginner or have some knowledge about the topic you will love this book! I highly recommend this book. I use it on a regular basis to a reference.