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TeslaThemes: High Quality, Versatile WordPress Themes

These Clean WordPress Themes are truly awesome! TeslaThemes offer a lot for the money. When selecting a WordPress Theme, you need to look at its features, cost and what you do get, ease of use, responsiveness of tech support and documentation. Let’s explore each one of these for this TeslaThemes review.

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What You Get For The Cost

TeslaThemes offer many templates in a variety of categories to suit most needs. There’s even a Starter Package for only $39. But the Standard or Lifetime Packages give you a lot more. And it includes access to 18+ new themes each year. With some themes packages there may be only one or two nice themes and the rest are not as nice or usable. This is not the case with TeslaThemes.

High Quality Themes

The TeslaThemes themes are very high quality with a lot of features like interesting Revolution Slider sliders, WooCommerce, easy to follow setup options, template pages and options panel settings to make page setup a breeze. Best of all these WordPress themes are responsive.

My Favorites..

Some of my favorite themes are Zeon, Biznex, Sportify, Display and SevenFold. I chose Sportify for my designteamusa.com web site. You can use the themes on multiple domains. Just click below to see samples of TeslaThemes WordPress themes…:

Ease of Use and Support

Again easy to follow setup options, template pages and options panel settings really make the themes very easy to setup. And there’s an optional XML file you can import that will make the theme look like the demo. Installation is quick and easy as uploading the theme zipped file. The documentation is superb and includes all steps.

Tech support took a while to respond to questions but no matter what always responded and were helpful. One drawback though…even with the Lifetime Plan Tech Support costs extra. You can also get help at their web site as they have forums and FAQ. Updates are available for all the themes.

One issue I ran across was what happens when I try to replace a theme with another. In preview, the new one didn’t look anything like the TeslaTheme and apparently lost a lot of settings. This was true even when trying another TeslaTheme. I was told by tech support that the themes just vary too much in framework and if I wanted to apply a new theme it would be better to setup a new one. He said that Sportify and Sevenfold are pretty much incompatible and custom posts are various and all have different markup and styling.

But all in all these themes are some of the best around in terms of all. Click on the banner to view the themes and get more info. Or view the demos below of a few of their themes. They have many more…:

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