ThemeFuse Review – ThemeFuse Offers Many Beautiful Unique Themes!

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Our ThemeFuse Review

Regarding our ThemeFuse Review, ThemeFuse offers many beautiful unique themes to choose from. For this ThemeFuse Review I chose Paws & Claws. I was about to set up my site. And I was looking for the right theme. Paws & Claws seems to be the perfect fit.

Paws & Claws theme applied to pet site
Paws & Claws theme applied to pet site

Options Panel

Installation is easy. I chose the manual upload via FTP. The first thing I looked for was the Options Panel. And this ThemeFuse options panel does have quite few settings. However this options panel does not have many settings that other themes offer. It’s not like NIMVA or ThemeREX themes.

The Options Panel for Paws & Claws is quite basic. And there’s images to replace with your own. These are in an images folder. But that’s pretty easy to deal with. So I replaced those images with mine. And I changed settings in the Options Panel. Below are 4 screens to show the types of settings you can easily change:

paws and claws theme settings 1
paws and claws theme settings 2
paws and claws theme settings 3
paws and claws theme settings 4

Some Changes Outside of the Options Panel

The Options Panel has some settings to make things easier. But it does have fewer than NIMVA and ThemeREX themes. I was able to use the ThemeFuse Options Panel to make some changes. But there were a lot of changes made outside of the Options Panel. These include color and size of WordPress headings tags (must edit CSS code) and control the size of the logo.

No Option to Add a Footer Menu

There’s also no option to add a footer menu. I was told the only way to have one would be by customizing the theme code. I wanted an easier way. So I tried to add one to pages with WP Bakery Page Builder plugin I installed. But even that didn’t work. I finally added the footer menu by installing an Ad Inserter plugin. That works fine and easy to do.

A Few Other Minor Things But Awesome Themes!

There were a few other minor things like missing bullets where i had to actually copy and paste a bullet in place. And only 3 social media icons at the bottom of the pages. But the ThemeFuse themes are very nice and quite unique. I was pleased with using the Paws & Claws theme for my site. And there’s many Themefuse theme categories to choose from. Themefuse worth checking out to see if these themes can work for you. Just click below to find out more:

Find out more about ThemeFuse Themes

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