WordPress Beginner Help – How to Learn WordPress Fast Step by Step

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How to Learn WordPress Fast Step by Step for Beginners

1. Learn WordPress

WordPress Beginner Help – The first thing you need to do is learn how to set up WordPress on your server. There’s a lot of options for this but the one we recommend is the Online Video Course: WordPress 101. The WordPress 101 Video Tutorial Series Library consists of 28 very easy to understand videos. Topics include

  • What is WordPress
  • How to Install WordPress
  • The Dashboard
  • Post vs. Pages
  • The Editor
  • plus many more topics

It’s easy for beginners to follow and it also serves as a handy reference to refer back to from time to time. The tutorials also let you have access to the WordPress SEO Plugin series too…a very easy to use plugin for SEO and the one we strongly recommend. For more info just click below and you can even view some free sample videos to see the quality of the courses firsthand!:

Easy WordPress tutorial videos for beginners.
WordPress Beginners - How to Learn WordPress Fast

Customizable WordPress Themes

Find out about some great WP Themes. These are for WordPress Novices and everyone else. These WP Themes are Customizable WordPress Themes. You simply change settings in a Theme Options Panel like in screen above. This means less updating of code.

2. Familiarize Yourself with WordPress.org

The next step for WordPress Beginner Help is to familiarize yourself with WordPress.org as this site in vital to understanding WordPress.

3. Familiarize Yourself with WordPress in General

Once you understand setting and installing up WordPress by taking the Online Video Course we recommended or your own and familiarize yourself with WordPress in general. Now is the time to select your WordPress Theme for your first project. Here’s the one we recommend. It is the one at this page that offers control for just about everything:

A Theme That Offers A LOT: Best WordPress Theme Control Panel!

This theme offers A LOT of control regarding its unique WordPress options panel. It will make your first theme setup easier. But for learning WordPress…using the ones like we started out with will certainly help in learning WordPress.

4. Add Plugins

Add in plugins as these give a lot of options.Plugins are a big advantage in going with a WordPress site over HTML5/CSS3 site since there seems to be a plugin for just about anything these days. Please check out the one we recommend at:

Best WordPress Plugins and Other Great Plugins

5. Get Yoast!

We recommend the YOAST

…the plugin that is part of the Online Video Course: WordPress 101 we recommend in Step 1. You can download YOAST at yoast.com.

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